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MATEX Rubber Tiles are Eco-friendly products made from 100% recycled rubber granules with a colorful pigmented coating and a polyurethane binder.

MATEX builds quality Rubber Tile products that are known and trusted to provide excellent traction, durability and flexibility for Safety Surfaces such as Children Playground Surfaces, Walkways and anywhere else that needs an impact-absorbing safe surface. Most are designed for outdoors and are resistant to water, sun and temperature variations.

Our Rubber Tiles are available in two types, SBR Rubber (%100 recycled) and EPDM topped Tiles (SBR recycled base with EPDM rubber top) and offered at broad range of standart sizes, shapes, colors and thickness.


Superior shock absorption, low maintenance, long wear and accessibility

Slip Resistance, High-Strenghtand Eco-Friendly

May be laid over asphalt, concrete, or any stable, uniform surface

Simple to install  and inseparable when installed with our PU 2K RUBBER ADHESIVE

Easy to repair - only the damaged tile needs to be removed and replaced

Design allows for optimum drainage

Can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations

Will not delaminate

Availability of many different color, shape and size



MATEX Rubber Rolls  made from 100% recycled rubber granules are specially designed  for surfacing (or as underlayment) for areas that require resilience,sound absorption, spike resistance and/or traction.


Rubber Rolls are ideal for multi-sports and fitness flooring as well as other interior applications. Easy to maintain, the non-slip surface provides excellent traction, cushioning and sound absorption.  

Available in two types: SBR Rubber Rolls (100% recycled) and EPDM Colored Rubber Flecks Rolls  ( SBR recycled base with EPDM flecks embedded).

Available in all thickness between 4 mm to 10 mm
Suitable for Interior and Exterior Applications
Several colors and multiple thickness options available
Superior Shock Absorption, Sound Isolation and Slip Resistance
Extremely Durable, High-Strenght and Eco-Friendly  
The non-slip surface is easy to clean and maintain
May be laid over asphalt, concrete, or any stable, uniform surface
Will not delaminate

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