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MATEX High Performance Acrylic Systems are designed to provide consistent speed of play, textured and comfortable surface to any indoor or outdoor facilities.  The Textured surface finish is slip resistant, tough, durable, UV resistent  and ideal for Tennis courts and other  range of  indoor and outdoor sports surfaces including basketball, volleyball, multipurpose sport courts etc.

The acrylic court systems can be applied on asphalt, concrete, or existing acrylic tennis court surfaces. MATEX Cushion Coat gives maximum long-lasting resilient properties for optimum comfort to the players.  Cushion Layet can be applied in different thicknesses to suit required sport surface criteria, specifications and budget.

Cost Effective

Easy to maintain

Anti-slip Safe surface

UV resistant and withstand a variety of weather conditions

Optimum durability, minimum maintenance cost

Avaliable in standart range of colors and custom made colors upon on request

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