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MATEX Epoxy Flooring Systems are offering perfect solutions for floor coatings , creating seamless , durable and decorative surfaces with very large range of usage area.

MATEX Epoxy is a surface coating protects concrete floors from the day to day wear and damages that can degrade concrete over time.  This Coating is stain and chemical resistant, dust free- hygenic coating that provides gloss and beautiful outlook to many industrial settings.

Epoxy Coatings are ideal for industrial floors, parking lots, garages, storages, supermarkets, shops, department stores, schools, hospitals, treatment facilities, pharmaceutical, electronics production facilities, etc.


Resistant to water,moisture,abrasion,corrosive materials,

UV Resistant when Acrylic PU Topcoat Paint applied on top layer

Has a high chemical and mechanical resistance,  

Can be maintained and cleaned easily, 

Hygienic, does not keep bacteria and dust free,

Can have a rough or a smooth surface finish,

Does not crack,

Protects surface against pollution,scratching and yellowing

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