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MATEX  Polyurethane Cast-in-Situ Safety Surfaces are  generally two layer systems  consist of  SBR Base Layer which act as a shockpad to absorb impact and a top surface consisting of EPDM Rubber Granules applied in a range of bright colours and designs.

In this system SBR or EPDM Rubber  Granules mixed with MATEX PU Rubber Binder and applied directly prepared subbase. MATEX PU Rubber Binder is solvent-free, one component, expecially designed for bonding rubber granules at Pour-in-Place Systems to form seamless and flexible safety multisport areas for parks, play areas , children playgrounds, pathways, tartan courts.

One of the advantage of this system is different colors, logos, geometric shapes, graphics  can be applied on the surface with colourfull EPDM Granules. System is designed to install different thicknesses as this can adjust protection for the critical fall height at playgrounds, and colors can be mixed and varied to complement playground equipment and playground settings.


Matex PU Sandwich System is a High Quality Performance System specially designed  for Athletic Tracks.   It is two layer, spike resistant, impermeable, resilient polyurethane athletic surface.

Sub base of system is similar with Matex Cast-in-Situ Flooring  application that consists of SBR Rubber Granules bound in MATEX PU Rubber Binder. Second layer is a Seal Coat using MATEX  Two-Component Polyurethane Sealer and EPDM Rubber Granules. The surface layer is made up of colored EPDM rubber granules cast into a polyurethane flood coat. The total minimum recommended thickness is 13mm however thickness could adjusted according to project demands. The result is a durable, flexible , all weather surface, resistant to UV and abrasion.


This is the most popular synthetic track system and is ideal  Athletic Sport Facilities ,  Schools, Stadiums, Regional Tracks. It provides excellent energy reduction and high performance surface. The advantage of the system is offering a highly cost effective solution.

The wearing surface is a structural spray coating consisting of a special MATEX PU Rubber Binder mixed with EPDM Rubber Granules and applied by Spray machine to provide structural top-coat.

- Highly cost-effective solution

- Spike resistant,  Water Permeable, Durable
- Suitable for institutional and recreational facilities
- Variety of colors available


MATEX INDOOR PU SYSTEMS provide excellent comfort and safety in a high performance floor. Due to the durability and elastic characteristics these floor systems are perfect for a variety of indoor applications including; basketball courts, volleyball, gymnasiums, and other multi-purpose areas.


This System floors include 100% Recycled SBR Rubber Rolls as a sublayer and  upper layers of Polyurethane Coatings that creates a synthetic sports surface finish which is durable, elastic and seamless.


- Approved for use as a multi-sports surface for all indoor sports

- High performance seamless surface

- Non-porous, therefore hygienic and easy to clean

-  Provides optimum adherence to prevent sliding and slipping

- High tensile strength and tear strength

- Easy to maintain and can be resurfaced when required

-  Variety of Color Options

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